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Your Bong Bong Roasting  Assortment . . .

Warm up with your home-style Bong Bong Roasting Assortment!

Your Bong Bong Roasting Assortment includes:

Cyprian style free range chicken 1/4's
Hot Canary home-style chicken soup
Smashed Robertson potatoes w/house made porcini butter
Assorted roasting vegetables w/herb oil
Hot Canary house-made gravy (GF)
Sonoma sourdough w/REAL BUTTER!
Kosher salt & pepper

Tips, tricks and extra info


Your Cyprian style chicken quarters are marinated in garlic, oregano, onion and olive oil, then topped with pitted Kalamata olives, green mammoth olives, Hot Canary preserved lemon, fresh rosemary and bay leaves. The result is tender juicy chicken with a crispy skin and pops of flavour from the roasted olives and lemon. Simply delicious!


Your Cyprian chicken, smashed Robertson potatoes and assorted roast veggies can all be cooked at 180 degrees Celcius. 

- Veggies will take approximatley 50-60 minutes

- Chicken will take approximately 40-45 mintues

- Potatoes will take approximately 35-40 minutes

Your home-style chicken soup and gravy can be microwaved although Hot Canary does recommend heating the gravy in a pot for a better end product.

- Bring gravy to the boil while stirring occasionally, reduce to a simmer immediately 

- Add salt and pepper to taste

- Mix in one teaspoon of butter right before serving

- Enjoy!! 


The town of Robertson is known as the green heart of the Southern Highlands as it's rich red soil and climate make it ideal for potato growing. Hot Canary gets pontiac potatoes straight from the Hill Family Potato Farm, tap on the image below to check out their Facebook page!




Hot Canary does the prep work on your veggies for you, all you have to do is cook them! With vegetables sourced from Highlands Fresh market in Mittagong, we cut and portion pumpkin, parsnip, carrot, Spanish onion and desiree potatoes to make the perfect mix of roast veg! Then we toss them through our very own house-made herb and garlic oil, topping with a mix of French Provincial herbs.

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