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Your Big Breakfast Bundle . . .

Who can cook your eggs better then you? Enjoy your Big Breakfast just the way you like it!

Your Big Breakfast Bundle includes:

Taluca Park free range eggs

Free range rasher bacon

Hot Canary award winning fresh Spanish chorizo

Hot Canary award winning thin beef sausages

Sonoma sourdough bread with REAL BUTTER!

Locally made Lame Duck Pub Chutney

Cherry tomatoes on the vine

Fresh baby spinach

Goats cheese



Orange juice

Tips, tricks and extra info


Hot Canary's award winning Spanish chorizo is a fresh sausage made in store. As our product is not smoked we recommend cooking via the following steps:

1. Place your chorizo in a pan/on the BBQ over a medium heat and turn regularly (you want the sausage to be at least three quarters cooked through).


2. Remove your chorizo from the pan and allow to cool slightly on your chopping board, then slice the whole chorizo on an angle as shown in the image.


3. Return your sliced chorizo back to the pan and fry to your desired level of crispy!


4. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Why does this method get the best out of the chorizo?

By cooking as a whole sausage first you create a seal which allows the sausage to hold its shape.

Then by slicing and frying you are allowing the fat to properly render out of the sausage resulting in a cleaner flavour and texture.

By caramelising the chorizo you are also enhancing the flavour of the smoked paprika and garlic.


Cooking your own eggs mean you have the freedom to have them however you want. Sunny-side up, poached, omelette or scrambled - they're all good! 

For an extra punch to your eggs, whisk some up and scramble them in the same pan you used to cook the Spanish chorizo. 


Not only is spinach tasty and the perfect side for a big breakfast but it's good for you too! You can keep it fresh, throw it into your omlette or scrambled eggs or have it wilted - 


1.Bring a half full pot of water to the boil and throw in your spinach


2. Stir every 30 seconds or so until the spinach begins to wilt and turn dark green (about 3-5 minutes)


3. Drain the water and toss through some fresh lemon juice and black pepper

4. Enjoy!

Taluca Park is a family run farm in Exeter, Southern Highlands. They pride themselves on delivering quality eggs every time while maintaining ethical standards and quality of life for their chooks!

Tap on their logo to find out more!

Bruce from Lame Duck Foods is a Southern Highlands local who's chutneys and relishes never cease to amaze! Find more Lame Duck products in store at Hot Canary or tap on Bruce's logo to get in contact.

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