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Your Bradman BBQ Bundle . . .

Get a box full of premium Cowra lamb with your Bradman BBQ Bundle!

Your Bradman BBQ Bundle includes:

Cowra butterflied lamb leg 
Cowra lamb loin chops
2 varieties of Hot Canary gourmet lamb sausages
Hot Canary pub style onions
Mint jelly
Kielty's Irish PK BBQ Sauce
House-made BBQ spice rub
Kosher salt, pepper & cooking oil

Tips, tricks and extra info



Hot Canary's house made BBQ spice rub is the perfect way to add extra flavour to your meat. The trick to using a spice rub is to apply it minutes before you intend to cook. Rubs are typically higher in salt - salt draws out moisture so using the rub on your meat hours  before cooking can actually dry it out. We recommend applying the rub with a tiny bit of oil just before cooking.


Every one of Hot Canary's award winning gourmet sausages make the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ - and they're gluten free!. As you have purchased the Oxley BBQ Bundle your sausages are selected from the following:

- Lamb, maple, mint and rosemary

- Moroccan lamb with dates and apricots

Our tip for cooking Hot Canary sausages is to not prick them. Our snags are low in fat and made using natural casings, pricking can dry out the meat. We also recommend cooking our gourmet snags over a medium heat, turning until done (about two beers should do it!).


Hot Canary pub style onions with seeded mustard can be enjoyed cold as is however we recommend emptying them onto the hot plate with a little bit of oil and mixing them occasionally to get the onions really caramelised. Serve as a side or jazz up your sausage sandwich!


The fertile pastures in Cowra NSW result in Cowra lambs having a reputation for being the best lamb in Australia. At Hot Canary we have an established relationship with Breakout River Meats which means that we only get the best of the best lamb for our customers. Tap on their logo below for more info!


Kielty's Irish is a local sauce company in the Southern Highlands who has won countless awards locally, nationally and internationally. The PK BBQ Sauce in your bundle is one of our favourite - a light bbq flavour that everyone can enjoy. Make sure you tap the Kielty's logo above or head in store to Hot Canary to check out some more of their range (especially is you like hot sauce - their specialty!)

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